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Hi! I’m Sarah, the writer/cook/photo-taker of A Love Letter to Food. The name pretty much says it all. I love food—eating it, sharing it. learning about it—and it brings me joy to share that love with others. Cooking is my love language.

This was not always the case. Many years ago when I first started out, I was not what you’d call a great cook—nor was I very interested in becoming one. In fact, when I got married, I made a list of the things I knew how to make. It went something like this: “Omelets. Burritos. Sandwiches.” I’ve kept it because it makes me laugh. Back then, I was far more interested in pursuing what I thought would be a lifelong career as a German professor. But it turns out that when you live in the desert Southwest and get out of the game for eight years to stay home raising kids, the German professor jobs are pretty few and far between. I knew that when I was ready to re-enter the workforce, it would be in a different field.

As a mother to three young children, it has always been my goal to feed our family well. As the years have gone by, I have seen the benefits of a healthy diet on our family as a whole, and it has made me want to extend those benefits to others. I believe that healthy eating starts in the home kitchen. So in 2013 I entered a degree program to become a nutritionist. I started this blog as part of that journey. In December 2016 I finished my degree, and I am now a Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR)!

Here on the blog, you’ll find:

  • A variety of great recipes, from healthy dinners to indulgent sweets (because even though I’m a nutrition professional, I still have a major weakness for dessert)
  • Nutrition posts, from diet advice to the nitty gritty on macronutrients and vitamins
  • A chronicle of some fun events I’ve hosted, complete with party ideas and recipes.

I’m still learning about all of these topics, so join me on the journey!

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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello,
    I recently read your article about sleep hygiene on a website I visited. At the bottom of the page it had a link to this website and I was hoping to ask only one question and I pray that you would be so kind to help me find an answer. ( If you can that is.) It said you were a nutritionist or dietitian. I’ll get to it now. I have tried to lose weight on my own but it seems like I am not dieting the right way or something. My question is, would you be able to generally recommend what foods would be good to eat on a regular basis for just about anyone? E.g. beans, eggs, apples. Im not sure if those are even very healthy because of the sugar. I realize you are probably busy but any information would be a great help. Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day.
    -Daniel J Woodsmall 5’4″ 250lbs.

  2. Hey Daniel: the only nutrition plan that has been consistently proven to aid weight loss (a nd heart disease loss) is a whole food plant based diet. Plant based means mostly plants it does not mean vegan. Check out Joel Furman,s EAT TO LIVE (every library and used book store where I live (near Atlanta) has it. /also check out you tube and google for Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (use PCRM to search) Good luck with your journey,Mike

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