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If you haven’t heard of the instant cult classic Netflix series Stranger Things, you just might have been living under a rock for most of 2017. The series about a group of middle school boys trying to unravel the truth behind mysterious events in their small Indiana town is a runaway hit. The highly anticipated second season was (finally) released October 27th–2 days ago–and people are lining up in droves to purchase Stranger Things-themed Halloween costumes, and, like us, host Stranger Things Halloween parties! My husband and I aren’t even super into the show (though we definitely enjoy it) but figured with all the hype, it would make a great theme to a little gathering at our house Halloween weekend. Last night we had a handful of people over to watch the newly released episodes.

Here are some of the themed foods, drinks, decorations, and activities from the party! I hope these ideas provide some inspiration if you plan to host a Stranger Things Party even after Halloween passes. It would still be fun to round up some friends to get communally creeped out (if you can find anyone who hasn’t watched it all by next week)!


You can’t have a campy TV-show-themed event without some cheesy foods to match! Stranger Things fans know that the one food associated with the show is Eggo waffles, since Eleven (one of the main characters) eats them with obsessive exclusivity. Therefore, something with Eggos is a must for any Stranger Things party menu.



To make these Eggo Whoopie Pies, first whip up some cinnamon frosting. Mix a half cup of softened butter with 3 1/2 cups powdered sugar, then add 2-3 Tbsp. milk, 1 tsp. vanilla, and 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon. Toast your way through a box of mini Eggo waffles and fill with frosting.


And just because I can’t resist (and because they were so tasty), one more picture…

The great thing about themed foods is that you can always just make something up. For these brownies, we’re gonna go ahead and claim they’re Barb’s secret recipe and call it a day.

Add some store-bought (aka leftover from my kids’ classroom Halloween parties) sugar cookies,


Some appropriate-for-the-occasion plates,

and some popcorn for episode watching, and the spread is complete!


Even though it’s primarily about middle schoolers, Stranger Things is a grown-ups’ show. So for a Stranger Things party, grown-up drinks will be involved, like…

The Maple Bourbon Smash. I decided that this cocktail, inspired by this Williams Sonoma recipe, would be better to let guests mix themselves, so I set up this mini cocktail station with bourbon, maple syrup, lemon juice, and mini Eggos for garnish. Why maple bourbon? Because it goes with Eggos, of course!

Grossed out yet? Eleven’s trademark nosebleed is such a major part of the show, it seemed like it needed to be incorporated into the party somehow. This “nosebleed punch” is one part cherry juice to one part ginger ale.


Ah, Internet. How obliging you are with your free printables. I found these “missing” posters for both Will Byers and Barb and taped them up liberally around my house for that genuine Hawkins, Indiana feel.

Found here.

Found here.


Since Eggo waffles featured prominently on the party menu, I wasn’t about to throw out their boxes! These served as a nice touch surrounding my dining room centerpiece.

And last, the piece de resistance of the whole evening, this DIY Joyce Beyers communication-with-her-undead-son alphabet/Christmas lights board.

Using some leftover tagboard from another party, I painted the alphabet just like Joyce (yes, that is my actual terrible handwriting) and strung some colored lights around it. Easy peasy!


Guests were encouraged to dress the part for the night, and we had a couple of takers! Here’s our friend Clint–er, Dusty–getting into the spirit. I totally forgot to give him his prize for best costume at the end of the night! Clint, I owe you.

And finally, the real reason everyone came over: the show! We set up a screen and projector borrowed from my husband’s work for a theater-style experience in our living room.

So…how many episodes have you watched so far? We stayed up late and got through five! Binge watching at its finest–just what shows like this were meant for. Well, that and goofy themed parties.

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  1. Don t these  Christmas Light Cupcakes at Baked Bree make the most clever Stranger Things party food? I m so excited for this idea! You can also try DIYing cupcake toppers using toothpicks and construction paper and writing a letter on each one. Then arrange them to spell out your party message: like

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